Learn Dutch iLang™ App Reviews

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Very User Friendly!

Its a complete app to quickly learn the basis of the language, with effective techniques to memorize. Simple and effective!


Im improving a lot!

Really good

This app is really well made to learn basics !


Very useful tools and easy to learn! Sometimes it closed without my command but I believe it can also be a problem from the phone.

Good one!

Good one!

Very good for begginers

Very practical


Its a good free app for whos starting learn Dutch


I recommend it !!!

Decent to start off :)



It is nice hope to get it full free

Good potential, but difficult to use at this point

I love that there is a great variety of categories and words in them, the recorded pronunciation also helps a lot - if you have some basic grasp of the language this app may be very handy. However, the categories are quite messed up, that is, when the label says "numbers" you actually get words for family members etc, and sometimes it doesnt even open the category and just crashes. That is too bad, because otherwise it could be a perfect application for someone whos just getting started with Dutch.

Excellent app for vocabulary!

Great tool for learning or expanding vocabulary; especially helpful to hear the words!


Doesnt seem to cover basic complete sentences, rather than just covering specific words.


Crashes every few seconds


The first time I used this app, it froze my iPhone. The small amount of time that I did use the app before it crashed, I found it really useful.


Learning dutch is a good app I love everything it has also I love playing and learning dutch.U should play this games and start learning dutch!!!!!!!!!!


This is very nice app;)

good application

very good application thank you :) or bedankt

Easy & fun

Nice app. Its easy, visual so that you remember by tge image and fun.


Really good programme to practise Dutch.

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