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Learn Dutch iLang™ app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 2608 ratings )
Travel Education
Developer: Greg Vick
Current version: 6.1, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 06 Sep 2011
App size: 74.89 Mb

Forget learning how to ask directions to the nearest municipal swimming pool!!
Were here to help you learn all the most common used Dutch words in ONE week.

As kids we were memorizing hundreds of words without effort.It worked due to strong associative memory and connection between words and sensation.

We believe that a language is an audio-visual dynamic environment of images.

We design this app with help of a linguist to help beginners make their learning more efficient and more effective.

Notable features:
* Flash cards associated with audio in BOTH Dutch and English by native speakers.
(To memorize foreign words relying not on translation, but on object.)
* Addicting game to improve learners memory
* High quality native speaker audio recordings
* 1000 Most Frequently Used Words to learn
* 20 Dutch Topics including:
Dutch Course - Travel
Dutch Course - Places
Dutch Course - Directions
Dutch Course - Money and Shopping
Dutch Course - Eating and Dining
Dutch Course - Colors and Numbers
Dutch Course - Family and Friends

*** How does this app work? ***
Learn section: You will learn the name and pronunciation of a word as you slide across the screen.Every word is pronounced in both Dutch and English.
Quiz section:You will hear a name belonging to one of images show on the screen. You should tap an image to complete the quiz,the pleasant applause tells a correct answer.
Every section is designed so you can enjoy success time after time and receive positive reinforcement from the likable teacher.

*** What will I learn? ***
Travel, Places, Directions...... There are so many words here!You will learn all the common used Dutch words with fun and ease.
A quiz game was designed to make your learning more efficient.

***What wont I learn? ***
This app does not overload you with too many uncommon used words which you may not actually need.
Coping with stress and over-stimulation is therefore one reason that you wont keep learning.
Its clear focus makes the app a delight for you.

We are committed to customer satisfaction, please contact us before posting negative comments so we can resolve any issues you are having.
We will produce updates every 1 to 2 weeks. If you have any problems, comments, questions or feature requests please e-mail us at:

Pros and cons of Learn Dutch iLang™ app for iPhone and iPad

Learn Dutch iLang™ app good for

Its a complete app to quickly learn the basis of the language, with effective techniques to memorize. Simple and effective!
Very useful tools and easy to learn! Sometimes it closed without my command but I believe it can also be a problem from the phone.
Great tool for learning or expanding vocabulary; especially helpful to hear the words!
Doesnt seem to cover basic complete sentences, rather than just covering specific words.
Learning dutch is a good app I love everything it has also I love playing and learning dutch.U should play this games and start learning dutch!!!!!!!!!!
Nice app. Its easy, visual so that you remember by tge image and fun.

Some bad moments

The first time I used this app, it froze my iPhone. The small amount of time that I did use the app before it crashed, I found it really useful.
Now on iPad 1 the app does not start at all!!! Please, correct it!!!
Overall well designed, but the app really, really needed to include the gendered definite article with each noun (de or het). Instead, the app uses only the same indefinite article (een) with each noun, which is not informative. Without knowing the correct article you are not really learning the complete word. Limits the usefulness.
Nice app, very cool to learn a different language. I wish it would be more challenging and have more tests. It should also save your pronunciation but it doesnt
I learned tons of words. You also get to learn about dark comedic Dutch humor while you are at it. Look at the pictures! Thanks for making this app; I am learning a lot! Tot ziens!
I am learning soooo much! Its fun and easy! And wow! I dont even know how to respond to how well made this is! I love the voice, and how its not a robot. I love the diferent ways to learn because i need that! I can use flashcards, and scroll through a list and click the words and see visuals! Thank you so much for making this app! Its amazing. But after the first day its crashing, i cant get very far into flash cards before i have to click the app again because it kicked me out